Courses @ Dataquest

Course competition certificates from Dataquest.

Searching the awesome-lists on Github

Discovered the glorious awesome lists today on Github. They are available through a simple search on github, and contain curated lists of resources of all kinds on a multitude of topics. As one might expect, there is a lot of common ground between these lists, including topics and links. How could one search for a keyword through all these repositories? I have always wanted search for particular keywords or code snippets in my Emacs configuration files, or in other files in a particular location.

Courses @ Datacamp

Data Science related courses completed on Datacamp.

CFD Post Processing automation

`python` script to help automate post processing of simulations, by applying an extraction macro on multiple result files.

Design of an Electro-mechanical prosthetic finger, and a PID controller for the wrist.

This project utilized MATLAB, Solidworks to research and design a human finger and calculate the range of it's motion. SIMULINK is also utilised to design a PID controller for the wrist.

Simulation job scheduler

`python` script to manage and schedule ANSYS CFX simulations on designated computing clusters.